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We program agilely software using artificial intelligence to work exactly according to your needs. We also help you understand what artificial intelligence is and find the most useful applications for your business. We use all the most modern artificial intelligence technologies in our design. 
Did you know? Business Finland usually provides 50% support for the costs of artificial intelligence projects and we help our clients apply for support. 
Artificial Intelligence

What does artificial intelligence mean?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the ability of a machine to independently determine the answers to questions based on the material provided to it. Thus, it is not necessary to tell artificial intelligence separately what methods should be used to determine the correct answer. So artificial intelligence is trained itself to find the connecting factors between the question and the correct answer.

Artificial intelligence is at its strongest in situations where logical reasoning is needed, and in those cases it can work tirelessly for you. It can take more things into account at the same time, and it remembers everything it has been told.


One hour free enterprise intelligence mapping

Do you want to map the uses of artificial intelligence in your business? Want to hear the same artificial intelligence basics in plain language?
We provide businesses with one hour of artificial intelligence mapping over a video connection for free. Mapping always comes with a number of ideas you can use to boost your business with artificial intelligence.

Phases of the artificial intelligence project


the first meeting


Artificial Intelligence pilot


Further development and integration



What can artificial intelligence be used for, for example?

Artificial Intelligence is a tool when the goal is effective fine loading

Fine load with artificial intelligence

Would you like to arrange work for your production machines or production staff in the most sensible way? Artificial intelligence can examine your production data and draw conclusions based on which order and on which machines it is best to produce which product. Artificial intelligence can also make predictions about production breakthroughs and what you want, really. Indeed, history tells quite a lot about the future, and the computer can calculate. 
Check out SkyPlanner, an artificial intelligence software that utilizes artificial intelligence.

Inventory optimization with artificial intelligence

Would you like Artificial Intelligence to analyze your entire stock and tell you what kind of changes you might want to make when purchasing or manufacturing stock products? Artificial Intelligence can also predict the evolution of your inventory from all your order and production data so you can better predict the future.

Artificial intelligence helps optimize inventory
A loan can be decided in a jiffy with artificial intelligence

Making credit decisions with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence knows from history that what kind of borrower will repay the loan. Artificial intelligence takes into account the smallest details when evaluating a credit decision. It is therefore possible to train artificial intelligence as a truly accurate assessor of loan applicants' creditworthiness. 

Machine vision assessment of cow weight

Machine vision with artificial intelligence can automatically determine the development of beef cattle weight in the barn. Artificial intelligence can, for example, automatically detect a cow's back from a photograph taken from above and estimate the cow's weight based on it without weighing. This is very useful material when developing the feeding and breeding of beef cattle.

Artificial Intelligence and Refinement go well together
Artificial intelligence and advertising targeting

Marketing Targeting with Artificial Intelligence

Unknowingly, customers move from one another to the next, even if they do not immediately notice. Artificial Intelligence can suggest to your customer exactly the products that are likely to be of interest to you at that moment.

Let's design together artificial intelligence!

So we make artificial intelligence and software that suits your needs. Imagination is the only frontier in the exploitation of artificial intelligence and needs are often individual. Please contact us to discuss and we can further clarify our solutions.

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