Winpos integrations for all software

Winpos integration succeeds with any other software. Winpos is a modern and popular cash register system suitable for a wide range of industries. Winpos is used in shops, restaurants, public events and the travel industry, for example. Skycode is a Certified Partner of Winpos, the official programming and integration partner of Winpos.

Winpos integration with all programs


We have made many different integrations with different software, so Winpos can be combined to chat with any software you use. With years of experience, we can provide just about any add-on you want and integrations with just about any software you use, as well as your partner systems. We can also connect Winpos to find information about your online store and financial management software. We can connect Winpos to automatically update balances and price lists and discuss with your logistics partners. 

Ask for custom software if you want to extend Winpos functionality with unique features that are important to you!


examples Winpos integrations:


Winpos Online Shop

We are building integration between Winpos and various e-commerce software in both directions. We can automatically export e-commerce orders to the checkout system and update your inventory balance in the e-commerce. We do just the kind of integration between Winpos and e-commerce that best suits your needs. SkyShop B2B e-commerce enables serving corporate customers through an electronic ordering channel.

We specialize a lot Woocommerce and Magento integrations. We also have the Winpos - Shopify integration ready.

Winpos and financial management

Would you like to integrate with Winpos and the financial management program?

Integration updates sales and balances for example Netvisor - financial management. We do integrations with all financial management programs. 

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SkySeller - Bid Calculation

Winpos - Bidding

We have built an excellent one SkySeller Bid Calculator, which greatly simplifies complex bidding. Forget about using Excel to calculate complex bids, there is a much better way to do that. 

SkySeller can be integrated to export confirmed orders directly to Winpos automatically, and SkySeller can also retrieve product names and prices to speed up your quotation count.

Winpos - Artificial Intelligence

We are specialized artificial intelligence programming according to the needs of our customers. With artificial intelligence, we can make forecasts for your sales, estimate the timing for your purchases, and optimize your inventory. Artificial Intelligence can also do account posting or pre-posting automatically, which helps make work a lot easier, especially for large companies. We can take advantage of all Winpos data using artificial intelligence.

Piloting artificial intelligence is quite inexpensive, so it's worth asking more about the potential of artificial intelligence. 


Artificial intelligence helps optimize inventory

planned together!

We customize the add-ons and functionality for your Netvisor software according to your needs. We have experience with dozens of different plugins and intranets that work alongside Netvisor. Tell us what you need and we'll suggest a solution!

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