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Software integrations

Integrations with all software

Software integrations reduce manual work for your company and improve your competitiveness. software development-our team builds even complex integrations into your software with long experience.


Integration connects software data flow

Integration refers to connecting different software with each other in such a way that information moves between these software without manual data transfer. Integration can be implemented between two systems, or several different software can be combined to transfer information between them. Unfortunately, in the absence of integration, companies too often use Excel for reporting or tap orders manually between programs. The same information is often in several programs and the integration ensures that, for example, inventory balances are always the same in all programs. By combining two pieces of information, you get a third piece of information that is important to the business, and therefore the pieces of information must move and connect with each other efficiently.

Skycode is a programming company specializing in integrations, and we succeed in every integration with even the rarest software. We always tailor integrations to your needs, while also building various add-ons and customized reports. We also work effectively with software that is completely new to us or, for example, made by you. Our principle in integrations is, “If not in any way, then somehow”.

The benefit of integrations in business

Makes business more efficient

Reduces manual work

Saves costs

Improve reporting

Tailor-made integration solutions

Our experts integrate your software with each other with professionalism. Thanks to the integrations, business becomes more efficient and resources are freed up through the automation of work.

Operational control systems

ERP systems, or ERP systems, are the most common target for integrations. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a business information center and is used to import and export information to many other programs. Production planning and production management also requires information about the ERP system. Creating more sophisticated reports requires information from the ERP system. Integrations are successful, for example, with these ERP systems:

Financial Management Software

Sales programs and customer information and inventory balances are often sought after in financial management programs. E-commerce orders and time records are convenient to export directly to a financial management program. artificial Intelligence in exploitation, it is also often necessary to make an integration from which the learning artificial intelligence automatically retrieves its educational material. For example, the integration is successful in the following financial management programs: 

E-commerce integrations

Of course, online payment methods, orders and customer information play a key role. There will be more trade when payment methods are versatile and convenient. We link any form of payment and other software to your online store, including foreign banks. We've also built credit card payments, which allow customers to order your products just by clicking once after filling out the card details.

CRM systems and mail clients

CRM system integrations often want to move customer data for aftermarket purposes. offer calculation it is also easy to integrate with a sales program using interfaces. For example, integration with the following CRM systems and mail clients:

cash register systems

The integration of the cash system is a very important channel for businesses to keep their balances up-to-date and to avoid confusion. The cash system integration can work in real time or update data in a scheduled manner. The integration of the cash system and the e-commerce system must be well implemented so that the same Warehouse Products can be sold without problems in the e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores. The integration of each cash register system is tailored to the customer's requirements.


Shipment processing and automation greatly simplifies the everyday life of a merchant and importer. We can ship orders directly to your logistics partner and print out the shipping documents. Logistics can provide inventory information directly to your systems. We can implement different EDI messages and other communication methods according to your needs.

Creating a more effortless way to work together

Take the first step towards modern trading. We help each of them.

Complete integrations

We have packaged the integrations of the most popular software into quick-to-install packages. We are constantly expanding our selection, so if your software is not yet listed, please contact us.

Visma Nova & MyCashFlow integration

With the popularity of the Visma Nova ERP system and the MyCashFlow online shopping platform, we have made their integration even easier.

Visma Nova + MCF integration illustration v2 small
Description of Visma.net integration into the MyCashFlow online store

Visma.net & MyCashFlow integration

Integrating the Visma.net ERP system into the MyCashFlow e-commerce platform is now easier than ever.

Fennoa & MyCashFlow integration

Integrating the Fennoa financial management system with the MyCashFlow e-commerce platform is now easier than ever

Description of the integration between Fennoa and MyCashFlow
Visma Fivaldi integration to the MyCashFlow online store

Visma Fivaldi & MyCashFlow integration

Integrating the Visma Fivaldi financial management software into the MyCashFlow e-commerce platform is now easier than ever

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