We make them easy to use mobile applications

We program mobile applications for mobile phones and tablets according to the wishes of our customers. Our mobile software runs on all operating systems such as Android ja Apple iOS. In mobile applications, we can take advantage of all the features of the phone, such as camera, GPS, accelerometers, NFC sticker reader, barcode reader, etc. Your mobile application can also chat with all your other software and thus its information is always up to date.
We are quick to understand your needs and give you lots of ideas on how to implement the mobile software you want. In addition to mobile software, we also provide Internet services that allow you to do the same things on your computer. The mobile software can act as a native mobile application to be installed or even as a web application running through the phone's Internet browser. The web application also takes advantage of all the technical features of your phone and is therefore often a good option. 

Let's go through your needs and find the best way to meet your needs!

The mobile app is easy to use

Do staff and customers know how to use mobile applications?

You will certainly know how to make the interface easy and pleasant. In addition, mobile devices have spread to all age groups. We are particularly focused on designing easy and consistent user interfaces. No one's nervous about the mobile apps we make!

For example, what kind of mobile applications can be made?

Mobile clock card

SkyTimer - Mobile clock card

SkyTimer - Shift Planning is designed to facilitate hourly bookings especially for mobile work such as cleaning companies. The SkyTimer mobile clock card also works in a factory where you want to avoid having people walk away from workstations to stamp. SkyTimer is fully customizable to your needs and integrated into your ERP system.

Mobile Sales Program

Your salespeople can develop a mobile app that allows them to record sales as they visit. The same program works, for example, for installers who can use it to create invoices for spare parts and components. For example, a sales program can automatically retrieve price lists for plumbing and electrical supplies wholesalers.

Mobile Sales Program
Mobile loyalty program

Mobile loyalty program

We can build a mobile application for you that will serve as a loyalty card for your customers. The program offers a wide range of functions and services including online bank and credit card payments.

Mobile inventory tool

The inventory of your warehouse becomes easier when we build a mobile terminal. We can use your mobile camera as a barcode scanner to quickly determine the right storage location. Such an inventory tool also enables continuous inventory. The Inventory tool can be connected to export and retrieve balances on all ERP systems.

Mobile Inventory
Mobile work instructions

Mobile work instructions

We can build a mobile application for you to easily get directions on your mobile phone. You can snap photos and videos of work steps and then write short descriptions of them. When you save a job, it is associated with the keywords, job numbers, machines, or workstations you want. You can always find work instructions that are easy to follow!

Let's design together mobile application!

So we make the mobile app that suits your needs. Imagination is the only frontier in mobilizing mobile devices and needs are often individual. Please contact us to discuss and we can further clarify our solutions.

Let's design together! Please contact us for more details: +358 40 700 0002