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C9000 integrates with any software from us. CGIdeveloped by C9000, Control 9000, is a popular software in the manufacturing industry. Over the years, the software has evolved into a comprehensive ERP system.
We are the official manufacturer of C9000 add-ons and integrations. With years of experience, we can provide just about any add-on you want and integrations with other software. We can also connect C9000 software to retrieve information from production machines.
Did you know? We also have our own C9000 installation for software development and testing. Because of this, the software can be tested before being incorporated into your C9000 program. We know what we do.CGI's

examples C9000-ons:

Skyreport - Countdown

SkyReport - Post Counting

Real time post-processing helps you stay on top of your business. The countdown shows the profitability of each sales order, clearly separated by green and red background colors.

You can also drill down to individual stamps and material costs. So you can see everything you do in the big picture and in great detail when needed. The SkyReport Post-Accounting software is always tailored to the customer and the figures it provides can always be trusted.

SkyPlanner - Fine load

With fine-load software, you organize your work queues to maximize your production efficiency and turnaround times. A great load has been made an easy and versatile production tool for planning, directing and predicting industrial work.

SkyPlanner Fine Load Software includes sophisticated and learned artificial intelligence that gives the designer suggestions for the most sensible ways to organize work. SkyPlanner will increase your revenue and improve your quality.

SkyPlanner - Fine load
SkyMonitor - Production Tracking

SkyMonitor - Production tracking

Tracking of production machine running data helps you optimize your production. See real-time production machine spaces and prevent downtime. Better machine utilization increases your revenue without machine purchases. The program can be combined, for example, with CNC stations, sheet metal work centers, lasers, welding machines and robots.

SkySeller - Bid Calculation

The bid calculation program significantly speeds up and simplifies the submission of even complex bids and thus streamlines sales work. SkySeller - Quotation calculation is always tailored to suit your needs and is therefore just the right program for you.

SkySeller - Bid Calculation
SkyTimer - Shift Planning

SkyTimer - Shift Planning

SkyTimer for mobile work time planning and stamping software makes it easy to plan shifts and record hours worked. SkyTimer is made especially for the cleaning industry, property maintenance, construction and industry.

Warehouse Robot Integrations

We are certainly the best in Finland to integrate C9000 into Kardex or any other storage robot. Kardex and C9000 can be placed either way to update each other with the correct stock balances. We also make similar integrations with all other warehouse robots, such as Konecranes Agilon.
Artificial intelligence helps optimize inventory

planned together!

We customize the add-ons and functionality for your C9000 software according to your needs. We have experience with dozens of different plugins and intranets that work alongside C9000. Tell us what you need and we'll suggest a solution!

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