SkyPlanner APS software

Production planning and fine load with artificial intelligence

SkyPlanner is APS, ie software for production planning. Fine-tuning and production control have been made easy and versatile in SkyPlanner. SkyPlanner's AI organizes work queues to maximize your production efficiency and lead times. With SkyPlanner, you can manage, plan, and predict your work.

SkyPlanner can be integrated into any ERP system, ie ERP software.


How does SkyPlanner work?

Modern software for production planning

How does SkyPlanner work?

SkyPlanner’s fine workload includes advanced artificial intelligence that gives the designer suggestions on the most sensible ways to organize work. Advanced production management will increase your turnover and improve delivery reliability. The fine load can be integrated to work with any ERP system, such as C9000, Lemonsoft, Visma Nova, Visma L7,, SAP et al.

SkyPlanner can be translated into all languages ​​and delivered to all countries.

Fine work for workstations

In a very easy-to-use fine-load view, you can drag ready-to-start jobs to work queues. You can see at a glance the work completion times and production utilization rates. You can also see in real time the work steps underway at each workstation.

In unexpected situations, work reorganization is quick. Production planning is comfortable to use and quick to learn for anyone to use.

Artificial intelligence organizes job queues @ 2x


Artificial intelligence organizes work queues

Built in SkyPlanner artificial intelligence suggests you the most efficient order as a work queue. You can give priorities and guidelines to artificial intelligence, meaning it still retains your decision-making power. The AI ​​suggestions are based on the production information retrieved from the ERP system and the priorities you set. Artificial intelligence seeks an order in which all your work can be delivered to customers as quickly as possible, even in a busy situation, and in which the factory operates as efficiently as possible.

Artificial intelligence takes care of the correct phase sequence and availability of materials. Artificial intelligence simulates inventory situations in the future as well, and the work is therefore planned to be done when the material is available.

The human brain is unable to create an optimal order of work for hundreds of multi-stage jobs, but artificial intelligence can and does. This will save you time and still give you a better plan.


Versatile features for production planning

SkyPlanner is a factory command center that covers all the functions required for modern and efficient production planning. Optimized production planning is the starting point for efficient production.

Contact us and we will work together to find the most functional solution for your company

We will help you set up SkyPlanner and can also be customized to suit your unique needs.

Optimal production plan

How does SkyPlanner artificial intelligence work?

optimal production plan

SkyPlanner AI

SkyPlanner's production planning includes artificial intelligence that knows how to make an optimal production plan and gets the information it needs from an industrial company's ERP system. Thus, production control in SkyPlanner can also be done automatically.

Smarter production planning

  • Artificial intelligence schedules work in the most sensible and efficient order - at your request
  • Artificial Intelligence avoids unnecessary bottlenecks in your plans and optimizes your production flow efficiently
  • In unexpected situations of change, artificial intelligence gives you a new production plan in seconds
  • Artificial intelligence takes into account the order of stages of the work, delivery times, lead times, materials, etc.
  • Artificial Intelligence can also sequentially work on the same tools, settings, etc.
  • Artificial Intelligence does not require complete production data to function, so SkyPlanner is suitable for all industrial companies.


Security of supply is improved and bottlenecks are reduced

The Fine Load Program will immediately show you if any of your loaded work is delayed and you can re-prioritize the work. This way you will be constantly aware of the status of your deliveries and your customer satisfaction will remain high.


Production chains in several factories

You can easily load phase chains to other factories and subcontractors. This allows you to design the entire chained production process without any constraints.

production chains-detail


Shift planning and staffing needs

You can schedule shifts in a convenient calendar view and make shift scheduling automatic with your rules that affect frequency. This way you manage the capacity in your production and know what it is enough for. This will help you better anticipate your production and reduce surprises.

SkyPlanner shift scheduling and mobile stamping

  • Schedule shifts and load capacities
  • Automatically create future shifts
  • Stamp your work on your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Sick leave and holidays affect production capacities
  • Quality reporting in connection with stamping
  • Multi-employee tagging for multiple workstations at the same time
  • Management of machine maintenance, which affects production capacities

Contact us and we will work together to find the most functional solution for your company

We will help you set up SkyPlanner and can also be customized to suit your unique needs.

What are the benefits of SkyPlanner in production?

The rules of production matter a lot. When the work is in a sensible order, production flows smoothly and there are fewer problems.

Changes and surprises are constantly coming in the industry - this is exactly the problem SkyPlanner answers.


Security of supply is increasing

In a difficult situation with fine workload and production planning, you make better decisions with SkyPlanner and get deliveries on time. With SkyPlanner, you know where your resources and capacities are.


Production will be more efficient

Production is more efficient when the rules of procedure are optimal and rational. So you get more production with the same human and machine resources.


Responses to changes will accelerate

In industry, changes are commonplace. With SkyPlanner, you can easily and quickly change your plans when something changes in production.


Foresight is easier

See the upcoming times, capacities, and material situations ahead of time in the timeline. You can solve production problems in advance.

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