B2B e-commerce integrated to your software

The SkyShop B2B online store is an electronic ordering channel for your business customers. 

Logged-in customers see their own purchase prices and stock balances for your products in the online store. Orders are automatically exported to your ERP system through integration. SkyShop can handle even your complex price list logics and present customer prices correctly. 

It is like the law of nature that making ordering easier also increases sales.


B2B e-commerce
Visma L7 integrations

Visma Nova + SkyShop = Novakauppa

Visma Software and Skycode have jointly released the Novakauppa product for Visma Nova ERP system users.

You can easily set up a B2B online store that is fully integrated with your Visma Nova software. SkyShop has a complete integration with Visma Nova and the integration automatically moves data in both directions. 

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SkyShop B2B online store

Manage and simplify your customers' ordering process with a fully integrated B2B online store.


How does the SkyShop B2B online store work?

Skyshop is a B2B online store that allows your business customers to place their orders electronically. The customer logs in to SkyShop with their own IDs and sees their own reduced prices for the products. Your customer places an order in a B2B online store and it is automatically exported to your ERP system. Product information and inventory balances are automatically updated in the B2B online store from your ERP system.

The online store is integrated into your ERP system or financial management program, and orders are automatically exported from the online store.

How does B2B e-commerce work?
Setting up a B2B e-commerce is easy

B2B e-commerce is easy to set up

Setting up a B2B e-commerce is easy with SkyShop. The B2B eCommerce platform is built to easily adapt to your needs and can be conveniently integrated into any of your software. You need to make sure that your ERP system has discount prices and products set and we will do the rest. So setting up a SkyShop B2B e-commerce is easy and you can focus on the essentials of your work.


How to integrate B2B e-commerce into an ERP system?

Integration means the transfer of data between software. The B2B online store must be integrated into the vendor's ERP system so that products, inventory balances and customer discount prices are automatically updated in the B2B online store. In addition, orders are automatically exported from the B2B online store to the ERP system.

Skycode Oy is an experienced integrator builder and is able to build a connection between any software and SkyShop - B2B e-commerce. SkyShop already supports customer price lists for several ERP systems. If necessary, integrations are also made into new ERP systems at the request of our customers.

How does B2B e-commerce integration work?
B2B survey of Statistics Finland and Posti

B2B e-commerce allows for growth in business

Statistics Finland and the Post Office survey According to the company, in 2018 the value of e-commerce sales of Finnish companies was EUR 23 billion. 65% of that amount came from B2B e-commerce between companies.

The number continues to grow, as buyers and sellers who responded to the survey believe that online trade between companies will increase in Finland in the coming years. B2B customers estimate the growth of B2B e-commerce to be higher than vendors, so everyone can deduce what it means in practice. B2B e-commerce is therefore already a very important activity, but it still offers companies a way to stand out from it. and 


B2B online store: HAARNIO OY

“Skyshop fulfilled our long-standing desire to get Nova’s special customer direct purchase surface for our products and services. Our small customized wishes were perfectly fulfilled. Technically, it's a matter of playing for sure and without delay. ”

Jari Haarnio, President and CEO, Haarnio Oy

Together we will create an electronic ordering channel for your customers

Take the first step towards modern B2B trading. We help each of them.

Features of B2B e-commerce

Manage and simplify your customers' ordering process with a fully integrated online store.

B2B eCommerce features

The B2B e-commerce is set up in connection with the company's own website. A login form for corporate customers will be added to the website. The B2B e-commerce is integrated into the ERP system and product information is transferred to the e-commerce. For corporate customers, IDs are created for the B2B online store. After that, trading can begin.

Skycode helps its customers in all stages of setting up a B2B e-commerce business. We will go through with you all the necessary input information in your ERP system and ensure that the necessary information moves between the software.

Setting up a B2B e-commerce usually increases sales volumes when buying is decisively easier. B2B sales are often directed directly to the electronic ordering channel, as the process is thus the easiest for all parties. B2B customers usually also focus their purchases on the seller, who offers the most convenient way to order. So the price is not only decisive, but also the ease of the ordering process.

Login with your reseller ID

Product Presentation and Versatile Product Search

Shopping cart and order with dealer details

Search for products and prices in ERP system

Searching for discount rates in ERP system

Editing product information and images

Shows only OVH prices when needed, if the consumer follows

Integrations are successful in all software

Manage and simplify your customers' ordering process with a fully integrated online store.

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Tradotim Oy

Skycode's SkyShop was selected as Tradotim's b2b e-commerce platform due to its flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Integration with the ERP system is one of the most challenging aspects of e-commerce, and the platform designed to integrate Visma NOVA from the beginning shows its agility. With NovaShop, integration extends from the integration of product information to the definition of customer-specific conditions. Most of the data is obtained directly from the ERP system, so there is no need to enter and update data in many places.

The requirements for B2B e-commerce differ significantly from the requirements for B2C stores. There are many different contract terms for each customer and their integration into the e-commerce environment is demanding. Novashop copes well with the requirements. In a few cases, we had to make compromises because of technical obstacles, which would not have been obvious if we had chosen a ready-made platform designed for consumer trade.

Cooperation with Skycode has been smooth. Skycode's way of enabling direct dialogue between the customer and the development coder has enabled flexible and rapid collaboration, where the necessary changes have been implemented quickly and the number of misunderstandings caused by the transmission of the message has been minimized.


Tire wholesale KM-RRR Yhtiöt Oy

KM-RRR Yhtiöt Oy is the largest car tire wholesaler in the North (B2B). The company imports passenger and truck tires from Asia and Europe. The range consists of both premium and budget tires.

KM-RRR The company's goal was to create an even better online store that would serve retailers as well as possible and enable smooth trading, especially in the middle of hectic sales seasons. The task was excellently successful thanks to Skycode Oy's professional expertise and service customization. The collaboration with Skycode was effortless and clear. The integration into Visma's ERP system was seen as an important part of e-commerce and Skycode managed to implement this very well.

Feedback from retailers regarding the new online store has been positive. The reform will make us more competitive in the market.

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