MyCashFlow integrations for all software

MyCashflow integration succeeds with any other software such as ERP system, financial management, cash system or whatever you want it to be connected to. Integration helps you make your job easier by automatically transferring orders and product information through software. You save yourself from unnecessary tapping.  

MyCashflow is a modern e-commerce software whose integration can be taken directly to your ERP system. With integration, products, prices, and campaigns are updated from your ERP system directly to your online store. In addition, MyCashFlow integration can be tailored to your needs. We offer integration as an easy-to-deploy package, among other things Visma Nova, To Visma.netha Fennoaan.

 We are an experienced integrator that connects programs to one another and integrates our customers' individual needs into integrations. We also know e-commerce platforms well and the everyday life of an e-commerce vendor, so we can help you make your e-commerce process efficient and hassle-free.

Ask for software customization if you want to move data between MyCashFlow and other software!

examples About MyCashFlow integrations: - MyCashFlow integration is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system developed by Visma, which is used in many industries and is also well suited for e-commerce. has a versatile interface for transferring data to other software.

We have built an integration between and MyCashFlow and offer it as an easy-to-deploy service. The integration works in its basic version in a predefined way, but we can also customize it to suit your unique needs. Read more about integration!

Example of data transfer between and MyCashFlown:

MycashFlow ->
- Create a new customer if the customer does not exist
- Order creation
- Promotional discounts on orders
- Supported Delivery Methods: Parcel Post, SHIPPING = Delivery Product
- orders support the prepayment method -> MycashFlow:
- Product update and addition (Price, Name). The product must have the properties “WEBSTATUS” active if they are to be transferred to the online store.
-Product balance transfer
-Product weight transfer




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