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SkySeller offer calculation

The offer calculation program speeds up and facilitates the making of even complex offers considerably and thus makes sales work more efficient. SkySeller – Bid calculation be programmed always to act according to your needs. The multi-level product structure facilitates the calculation of tenders for contracts and projects.

SkySeller - Bid Calculation

SkySeller's versatile features

The SkySeller bid calculation is designed to meet the challenges posed by multi-part bid structures in the construction industry and the manufacturing industry. Multi-level product structure, simulation of series sizes, product bank and comprehensive discount and markup calculation facilitate and bring accuracy to the calculation of offers.

Multi-level product structure

Build wider offer sets with SkySeller's multi-level product structure. You can add main level sections to their own tabs, under which it is possible to create groups and subgroups. In this way, a systematic and logical offer can be put together.

Integrated product bank

You can search for products in SkySeller's product bank from any software, whether you use an ERP system, CRM or financial management software. Products can also be added to the product bank manually, so it also works without integration.

SkySeller - Customer-specific discounts, also product-specific

Discount and markup calculation

Customer-specific discount percentages can be added to the offer at group and product level. Discounts for individual products can be added by marking the product as separately priced. In the margin calculation, the desired margins can be calculated on top of the cost prices at the group and product level.

SkySeller - Simulation of batch sizes

Simulation of batch sizes

In series production, the simulation of series sizes is very important. With SkySeller, salespeople can easily scale offers to different size categories while maintaining an understanding of actual margins.

SkySeller - Change history and revisions in bid calculation

Change history and revisions

Several users can edit the offer at the same time. Editable fields are highlighted for other users and are locked during editing. Every change is saved in the version history and can be reviewed later. Product-specific notes can also be added to the offer.

Export of offers in several formats

Offers can be exported from the system in several different file formats. Offers can also be sent to customers as a browser version, enabling accurate tracking of the offer's lifecycle. As a customized additional service, our design team designs the appearance of the offer according to your brand.

Accurate margin calculation

For years, we have cooperated with Skycode in the modernization of our production. A lot of software that improves profitability has been created. The tender calculation was a natural continuation of the cooperation. I wouldn't change this bid calculation tool for anything!

Veikko Junttila

Managing Director, Escarmat Oy

Bid calculation integrations

Versatile integrations for every software

SkySeller offer calculation can be integrated with, for example, ERP, CRM, Financial Management, and CAD software.

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

By integrating SkySeller into the ERP system, the company's data is automatically imported into the offer calculation. With the help of integration, e.g. materials, products, customer information, product structures and work phases. According to the offer calculation, the orders are exported to the ERP system.

Integration of CRM software

SkySeller can be integrated into every CRM software. By integrating the platforms with each other, SkySeller receives customer information and product information automatically without manual data entry.

Financial management integration

Product information, materials and customer information can be automatically imported from the financial management software to be used in the offer calculation. The orders are exported to the financial management software without manual data entry.

Integration of CAD software

Bid calculation can be streamlined by integrating CAD software into SkySeller. Product structures can be imported automatically for the use of the offer calculation.

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We offer a large number of ready-made software for various business support areas. Our most popular products serve e.g. in the field of electronic ordering systems, bid calculation and production planning.

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