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Fennoa & MyCashflow

of the Fennoa financial management system integration Accessing the MyCashflow e-commerce platform is now easier than ever. We have packaged the integration of the systems to meet the needs of your company, targeting the platforms already in use by the company. All you have to do is get in touch, we'll take care of the rest.

Integration of Fennoa and MyCashFlow

Fennoa and MyCashflow integration

Integration of a financial management system and an e-commerce platform means connecting systems by transferring information between them. Integration is used to move  MyCashflowfor orders made in , invoices to Fennoa. Invoices can also be automatically sent to the customer. In addition, the integration checks MyCashflow payment transactions and takes them to Fennoa for an invoice. Appropriate credit invoices are made for customer returns. Opening a chat connection with these systems is worth saving time and managing your business, among other things.

We have years of experience in creating integrations and cost-effective projects. We also know Fennoa and MyCashFlow inside out, so the integration software development is natural to us and we are able to avoid problems effectively.

Description of integration

More advanced data management with systems integrations 


What is included in the integration installation?

We combine a financial management system and an e-commerce platform on a fast schedule. The project begins with a start-up discussion that defines the customer's needs on a case-by-case basis.

  • Initial discussion
    1 hour
  • Installation work and testing
    1 working day
  • Customer-specific integration testing
  • Introduction
Description of the integration between Fennoa and MyCashFlow
Description of the integration between Fennoa and MyCashFlow

Can the integration be customized or extended?

The integration can be customized or expanded as needed with hourly pricing. The price of an hour's work is 125 € / hour calculated according to the actual hours.


What do we need from the customer?

The implementation of the integration does not require complex measures from the customer. We implement integrations in the invisible, but we need your help in a few things:

  • Contact as early as possible
  • Interface credentials for the MyCashflow online store. We help with the acquisition of these
  • We also need the interface codes for Fennoa, which we help to obtain
  • When integrating for test exports, a test environment must be created for Fennoa
  • Mapping of Fennoa and MyCashFlow payment methods
  • Defining payment terms
Description of the integration between Fennoa and MyCashFlow

Creating a more effortless way to work together

Take the first step towards modern trading. We help each of them.

The price of integration

The cost of integration consists of the set-up cost and the maintenance fee.
All prices shown are VAT 0% 


What is included in the price of integration?

The planning of the integration always starts with a kick-off meeting with the customer, where the structure of the integration and any additional needs of the customer for customization are reviewed.

After the kick-off meeting, Skycode's integration team starts integrating the systems.

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Integration price list: Basic fee 900 € and maintenance fee 195 € / month

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