The countdown follows the profitability of your business

Post-accounting, known as COGS ( Cost of goods sold ) helps you stay informed about your company's business in real time. The post-calculation shows the profitability of each sales order in detail, clearly separated by green and red background colors. You can also drill down to individual stamps and material costs. So you can see all your activities in the big picture and, if necessary, in real detail. The SkyReport Post-calculation program is always tailored to the customer, and you can always trust the figures it provides. Countdown being integrated can also be connected to and alongside each enterprise resource planning system SkyMonitor OEE- Production Tracking ja SkyPlanner APS - Fine load.
Post-counting enabled

Profitability in different colors

Each sales order is shown on its own line with profitability calculations. Clear color separation lets you quickly see how your production is doing. If you wish, we can set up countdowns to list production units other than sales orders.

You can easily drill down to data

You can click to drill down to see exactly where the order's profit or loss came from. You can see the profitability, material costs, turnaround times, stamps, and stamp makers for individual order lines.

To the level of detail as there is enough information. Asking staff is reduced when you can quickly find out in the post-accounting itself what the gains or losses of each order, for example, were.

Post-counting helps you drill into data
The post-calculator software includes graphical reports

Graphical reports and search functions

You can also see a graph view of trends in production times and profitability, for example, for a particular product. Post-counting also provides a search by customer, production cell, job number, and many more. Of course, you can also select a time period to view.

The program information is reliable

The post-counting software is designed to detect incorrect stamps and missing data. It marks them with a red flag and tells you what's wrong with the information. This will help you verify that the information you are viewing is correct and correct the errors.

Post-counting is reliable when data quality is assured together
Post-accounting can be customized to your needs

Post-accounting can be customized to your needs

Post-calculation program reports and user interface design is made to adapt to the needs of each company. So we will go through the things to be calculated with you and modify the calculation program to work as you want. We also make sure with you that the data and calculations searched for are correct for your operation. We want you to have at least one reporting tool that you can always count on.

Connected to any ERP system

Post-accounting can be integrated into any ERP system, such as Lemonsoft, C9000, Visma, etc. We do other challenging integrations in our profession as well, which is why our software can always be integrated into any work program.

Post-counting can be integrated into any ERP system such as Lemonsoft and C9000

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