SkySeller "Tarjouslaskentamme accelerated and clearly focused "

Vaasa based contract manufacturer of power centers Escarmat wanted to make their bid counting faster and more accurate. The modernization of bid accounting improves the company's competitiveness and profitability. Sales are also more generous when bidding is easier.

What was made?

Escarmat was tailored to meet the needs SkySeller-Offer Calculationto help them bid for projects more easily and accurately. SkySeller Bid Calculation retrieves material data and prices directly from the ERP system, making it easy to pick components for the bid.

Bid calculation keeps your old bids and you can copy sections from them for new bids. The latest prices and the right discount rates are always available for the current offer. 

The quotation calculator automatically revises the offer so you can always return the version of the offer you want.

Simulating batch sizes with a quote calculator is particularly important in batch production. This allows sales people to easily scale their offer to different size ranges while still maintaining an accurate understanding of the actual margins.

The software was tailored to meet Escarmat's well-established bidding practices and operating environment. It has been developed as and when needed, when there is something to be desired.

Roof counting is more accurate
Significant time savings have been made in bidding
SkySeller - Bid Calculation

SIMPLE The project vicissitudes


01. planning Palaveri


02. Programming


03. Installation and commissioning


04. Further developments

Customer Comments

testimonial author

Veikko Junttila Managing Director, Escarmat Oy

"We have been working with Skycode for years to modernize our production. A lot of software has been created to improve profitability. Quotation was a natural extension of the collaboration. I wouldn't exchange this quotation calculation tool anymore for any price!"

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