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Netvisor integrations

Netvisor integration succeeds from us in any other software. Netvisor, developed by Visma, is a cloud-based financial management program that is already in use by more than 20.000 companies. Over the years, Netvisor has developed into a modern financial management program for accounting firms and companies of all sizes.

Netvisor integration

Netvisor integrations with all software

software development has produced a lot of different Netvisor integrations for us, and Netvisor is also used by us. With years of experience, we can offer absolutely all desired additional functions and integrations to all the software you use and also to the systems of your partners. We can connect Netvisor to also retrieve information from your online store and cash register system. We can connect Netvisor to automatically receive orders and also talk to your logistics partners. EDI messages, Finvoice and all other necessary technologies can be done very easily.
Did you know? We also have our own Netvisor, so we quickly understand your needs and tailor the integration to your specific business needs.

Examples of Netvisor integrations

An illustration of Skycode's software development

Netvisor - Posting Boys

Postituspojat is a logistics company owned by Lehtipiste Oy. 

The integration automatically transfers Netvisor's Undelivered orders category to the Boys' Scheme automatically at any time. At the time of transfer, the integration checks Netvisor's stock balances for defective products, converts to 0, and sends an email to the desired person.  

Once a shipment has been marked as shipped in Post Boys' system, the shipment will move to Netvisor's non-invoiced orders. If the shipping method is Post, the tracking code will be shifted from the Post Boys to the shipment. 

We can tailor the Post Boys integration to your specific needs.

Illustration of Skycode's software development service description

Netvisor Reporting screen

Would you like to see financials and reports in real time with your own info display next to your desk?

We have done this for our customers and they are very convenient.

From the reporting screen, you can see at a glance, for example, order quantities, inventory, best-selling products, sales, purchase proposals, and all key financial indicators for your economy.

We customize the display to be graphically clear and tailored to your needs. In addition to Netvisor, the info screen can also search for information on all your other software.

Illustration of Skycode's user interface design

Netvisor - online store

We have done a lot of integration between Netvisor and various ecommerce software in both directions. We can automatically export ecommerce orders to your financial administration and update your inventory balance to the ecommerce. We do the kind of integration between Netvisor and the online store that best meets your needs. 

We specialize a lot To Woocommerce and integrations with Magento.

Netvisor - Bidding

We have built an excellent one SkySeller Bid Calculator, which greatly simplifies complex bidding. Forget about using Excel to calculate complex bids, there is a much better way to do that. 

SkySeller can be integrated to export confirmed orders directly to Netvisor automatically, and SkySeller can also retrieve product names and prices to speed up your quote count.

Illustration of Skycode's user interface design

Netvisor - Artificial Intelligence

We are specialized artificial intelligence programming according to the needs of our customers. With Artificial Intelligence, we can make predictions for your sales, estimate the times and amounts that are right for your purchases, or make production planning. Artificial intelligence can also perform accounting or pre-invoicing of account transactions automatically, which makes work a lot easier, especially in large companies. We can utilize all of Netvisor's data in the use of artificial intelligence.

Piloting artificial intelligence is quite inexpensive, so it's worth asking more about the potential of artificial intelligence. 



We customize the add-ons and functionality for your Netvisor software according to your needs. We have experience with dozens of different plugins and intranets that work alongside Netvisor. Tell us what you need and we'll suggest a solution!

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Skycode's team quickly understood our needs and came up with great ideas. Programming and installation went painlessly and the program was quickly put into use. We have added additional functions to the program whenever necessary. After the project, we have ordered many other programs and the cooperation continues with new development projects!

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CEO, Timaco Oy

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