SkyMonitor "Monitoring CNC stations helped to streamline our production "

Iisalmi machine shop Timaco wanted to monitor the running data of their CNC stations and find ways to further prevent idling and machine malfunctions. The utilization rate of CNC machines has risen due to improvements in status monitoring.

What was made?

Customized to Timaco's needs SkyMonitor OEE - Production Tracking, which was set to automatically retrieve status information for each CNC station at approximately one-second intervals. The information is displayed in a timeline that gives you a quick idea of ​​when the machine has been running, when it has been set, when the machine has stopped, and how many malfunctions have occurred.

The CNC machinist has a computer at his workstation, where he can make notes of the causes of interruptions and, for example, chat directly with the supervisor about solutions to machine failures. The program can also make stamps.

From the production screen, work management can see the situation of the machines in real time and thus remain well informed.

The machining times are also saved for fine load in our SkyPlanner fine load software.

The software has always been developed to meet new needs and needs, and it fits perfectly into Timaco's operations.

Utilization rate improved
Interruptions have been significantly prevented
SkyMonitor - Production Tracking

SIMPLE The project vicissitudes


01. planning Palaveri


02. Programming


03. Installation and commissioning


04. Further developments

Customer Comments

testimonial author

Jouko Tiainen CEO, Timaco Oy

"The Skycode team quickly understood our needs and came up with great ideas. The programming and installation went painlessly and the program was launched quickly. We've got additional features in the program whenever needed.

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