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Automatic temperature monitoring of refrigerators

At your request, we will build automatic temperature monitoring of refrigerators as needed for the food industry. It saves you a lot of time in statutory reporting and improves product quality. Refrigeration monitoring can be combined, for example Sorkka.fi - slaughterhouse ERP system.

In the food industry, such as slaughterhouses, at the request of the authorities, they must follow the implementation of the cold chain in their HACCP plan. Many do this temperature monitoring manually by recording the thermometer readings.

Customized temperature monitoring for cold rooms as needed

Refrigerator and defrost temperature monitoring can be linked to automatic monitoring, which can be viewed from a mobile phone and a computer's Internet browser. We program software that records the temperature at the required density and reports automatically. Various alarms can also be made to the software to indicate an abnormal temperature rise. The software can retrieve its data from the sensors, but it can also monitor the performance of all and any brand of refrigeration equipment.

In pulsed defrosting, our temperature monitoring takes into account the operation of the refrigerator and reports the desired temperature variation in the defrosting. The software can thus be built to fit any operating environment.

Refrigeration monitoring devices are inherently inexpensive, so even a large number of refrigerators can be automatically monitored at a reasonable cost.

Can be integrated into any ERP system

Automatic monitoring of the temperature of the refrigerator can also automatically predict the evolution of the internal temperature of the carcasses and other food brought to the refrigerator. It receives information about the amount of food exported to the cold store from the ERP system to which it is integrated. We can integrate the automatic monitoring of the temperature of the refrigerator with any ERP system such as Sorkka.fi, SAP, etc.

In addition to the Cold Tracking System, we can also build other checkpoints that require reporting as automated as possible, saving you a lot of time. HACCP reports can be built just to meet government requirements. All self-monitoring can therefore be electrified according to the requirements of the authorities.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs for self-improvement. We have a long history of working with electronic solutions in the food industry and can give you a lot of ideas to meet your specific needs. We deliver customized software to large and small players, so solutions are always tailor-made. It is also possible to obtain various types of business support for automating the monitoring of cold stores. Our partner will assist with the application process and throughout the support process.

We have built Sorkka.fi software as an ERP system for slaughterhouses, which automates the reporting of animal slaughter data to Evira 's databases. Sorkka.fi also includes integration with all the necessary equipment such as weighers, label printers, etc. Sorkka has been a well-liked software and has spread effectively among slaughterhouses.

So contact us and tell us what we want, and we'll build the systems that fit your needs!

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