Visma.net & MyCashFlow

Integrating the Visma.net ERP system into the MyCashFlow e-commerce platform is now easier than ever. We have packaged the integration of systems to meet the needs of your company, targeting the company's existing platforms. All you have to do is contact us, we will take care of the rest.

Visma.net integration with MyCashFlow
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Integration of Visma.net and MyCashFlow

Integration of an ERP system and an e-commerce platform means connecting systems by transferring information between them. The integration is used to transfer product and inventory data from the Visma.net ERP system to MyCashFlow, and orders from MyCashFlow to Visma.net, respectively. Opening a chat connection with these systems is worth saving time and managing your business, among other things.

We have years of experience in creating integrations and cost-effective projects. We are also thoroughly familiar with Visma.net and MyCashFlow, so building integration is natural for us and we can avoid problems effectively.

Description of integration

More advanced data management with systems integrations 


What is included in the integration installation?

We combine the ERP system and the e-commerce platform on a fast schedule. The project begins with a start-up discussion that defines the customer's needs on a case-by-case basis.

  • Initial discussion
    1 hour
  • Installation work and testing
    1 working day
  • Customer-specific integration testing
  • Introduction
Description of Visma.net integration into the MyCashFlow online store
Description of Visma.net integration into the MyCashFlow online store

Can the integration be customized or extended?

The integration can be customized or expanded as needed with hourly pricing. The price of an hour's work is 125 € / hour calculated according to the actual hours.


What do we need from the customer?

The implementation of the integration does not require complex measures from the customer. We implement integrations in the invisible, but we need your help in a few things:

  • Contact as early as possible
  • Interface IDs for the MyCashFlow online store. We will help you get these
  • We also need interface IDs for Visma.net, which we help to obtain
  • Products and prices must be entered on Visma.net
  • Review of delivery methods
Description of Visma.net integration into the MyCashFlow online store

Creating a more effortless way to work together

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The price of integration

The cost of integration consists of the set-up cost and the maintenance fee.
All prices shown are VAT 0% 


What is included in the price of integration?

The planning of the integration always starts with a kick-off meeting with the customer, where the structure of the integration and any additional needs of the customer for customization are reviewed.

At this stage, we go through the delivery methods and the VAT treatment of the products together. Unfortunately, the integration between Visma.net and MyCashFlow does not currently support price lists or gift cards.

After the kick-off meeting, Skycode’s integration team will begin integrating the systems

Contact us using the form below or by calling
+358 400 561 771

Integration price list: Basic fee 900 € and maintenance fee 195 € / month

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